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Why Use Offer

Offer To Close is a service merging technology and experienced, talented transaction coordinates to help get more transactions from offer to close. We are a local company located in Los Angeles, California.

Our team has nearly 30 years working as REALTORS and transaction coordinates with companies such as Century21. Exit Platinium Reality, Keller Williams, Pinnacle, Redfin, Berkshire Hathaway, Park Regency, Coldwell Banker and White House Properties.


Perhaps the most important thing we do is to ensure that all of the proper disclousers are properly completed by both the buyers and sellers so ou (and your broker) can rest comfortably knowing we;ve got your back.

Order Reports

Whether it is a Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) Report or an inspection, we are happy to assist in getting these ordered or scheduled. Once the reports are recieved we also review them for errors, issues, and completeness.

Request for Repairs:

After the inspection and all seller disclousers have been made, we'll work with you to request ( or other concessoins) completed accurately. Using a TC to helps with this is key as filling these out incorrectly can create problems with escrow when it comes time to close. Don't let a little paperwork mess things up for you, we got this.

Track Key Dates and Timelines:

We keep you and your clients up to date on how things are progressing and provide a transparent timneline to ensure no dates are missed. Time is of the essence and managing your timelines is the essence of how we can help you.

Review Escrow:

In other words of jerry Maguire, "show me the money". At the beginning of the transaction, we will review the joint escrow instructions, open escrow, and make sure that commission instructions are documented correctly so that the deal closes on time and you and your broker get paid the correct amount and on time.

Help Write Offers

Whether you use our mobile app to help you write offers (COMING SOON) or ou want someone on our team to help you out, we can do that too! But how can you do that, you ask. The majority of our Transaction Coordinators are also licensed real estate agents. So while most TCs aren't legally able to help write offers, our team has you covered.

All Other Paperwork:

Depending on when the house was built, which city or country it is located in, you may have different fors that need to be completed. We work closely with you and your clients to ensure all of the right imformation is completed in a timely manner.

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